I tried to think of clever and interesting facts about myself that would make you desperately curious about my life and writing, but I’m kind of ordinary.  Here’s the highlights.

  • Wife of a Canadian (I’m a dual citizen, and so are my kids).  I call him my boyfriend because he still is, and I still crush hard on him most days.  PS–He’s a firefighter, so yes, be jealous.  It’s alright.
  • Mom of 2 boys  (Admittedly this does make my life a little interesting. And ohmygosh, y’all, they are just the. absolute. best.)
  • World’s worst speller (Whose got thyme for speling?  Are you totally wondering if I meant to type whose or who’s?)
  • Love to garden (Kind of a blogger cliche, but I did write a gardening book if you want proof.)
  • Love photography (Another blogger cliche, but I have photographed a wedding if you want proof.) Sadly, the camera I knew a lot about is dead, and now, I have a new, fancy-schmancy camera my hubs got for me. I promise I’m trying to figure it out; maybe I’ll post a good shot one day.
  • Love cooking (Yep, another cliche!  BUT I did use to bake wedding cakes in Canada.  I was forced to retire because it about sent me to the loony bin. The stress, friends!)
  • I ALWAYS burn toast under the broiler. (Pancakes and grilled cheese are never safe in my hands either.)
  • I will absolutely break a grammar rule if I want to.
  • I really REALLY love Jesus, and I am shell-shock in awe of God.  (I mean have you watched a flower grow from seed to bloom?  Have you heard the song of a hummingbird’s wings?  Yeah.  Exactly.  Just God, wow.)
  • I am a fan of social justice and philanthropy.
  • I try to buy fair trade coffee and chocolate and feel guilty because it’s only a start.
  • Oh, I homeschool.  (What?  I know, right?  The cliches just keep coming.  Dang.  I’ll try to be more original.)
  • I grew up in Georgia, and when I die, I want my ashes sprinkled in a field of yellow flowers sprouted up from red clay.
  • Coffee.  Just coffee.  Okay?  I mean, yes, yes and amen! (Especially when it is with  my 12 year old who I have thoroughly trained in the finer things.)
  • In sixth grade, this zany, squeaky-voiced teacher inspired me to write.  In seventh grade, this soft, melifluous-voiced teacher taught me to write with organization.  In college, this hippie-alto voiced teacher gave me wings.  I’ve never looked back.
  • There’s more.  I’ve lived a little.  Seen a few things in my day.  And I’m just really a fan of being real, of not hiding the unsightly in our lives, of sharing the truth because the truth is what sets people free.
  • I love starting sentences with the word AND!  Love it.
  • I’m really honored you’d take the time to read about me, and read what I write.  I don’t take that lightly.
  • I hope you’ll be encouraged here on my blog and maybe equipped in  your life, whatever road you may find yourself traveling.


  1. Wow!!! HOW am I just now learning about your blog? You were awesome then, and AWESOME-er now! Love and Hugs pretty lady!


  2. I have always known you are amazing. Just sitting and talking and rocking our little ones while the “big boys” were running around the yard, you became a friend and a wise woman in my life. Hugs to you.


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